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Get Out The Tape Measure

MAYBE YOU ARE asking yourself: 'Do I have a small penis?'. If you are, then you should READ this article. You will figure out what is the AVERAGE PENIS SIZE for a man like you. sizegeneticsproof.com, for more information.....

So, WHAT IS THE AVERAGE SIZE? Well, I reviewed many of the scientific research on this question, and I found out that, although they all had some flaws, most of them showed very similar results. Make sure you visit this web page, www.sizegeneticsproof.com/discount-coupon-code/.

After reading this, I think that you can COMPARE your size to average size, and find out WHETHER you have a small penis or not. If you are still UNSURE, check out my blog where you can FIND MORE DETAILED INFO about this issue (including penis size charts). gaining an inch or two.

Over the years different studies have concluded different findings when investigating the magnitude of the average male erect penis. According to The Kinsey Institute, the average male erect penis is anywhere from 5' to 6.5' in length and 4' to 5' in circumference. Neither foot size, hand size nor flaccid penis size is directly linked to the eventual extent of the erect phallus. Throughout puberty the male organ continues to increase in size, until the minimum age of 20. There is no means of doing so except for surgical procedures, for men who want to increase the scale of their penis. While cosmetic surgery on the form and size of the penis has improved substantially over the years, at least one study published in European Urology in 2006 suggests that only 35% of men who undergo these surgeries are satisfied with the results.

Average Penis Size: And so much more...

The penis can bend and curve in any possible direction, and although the majority of penises will point slightly upward, many also can point downwards, forwards or to the side slightly. If a man's penis is slightly curved from day one it is quite normal and should not affect the health or role of the organ. However, if your penis shape begins to change after the minimum age of 15, it may be a symptom of a underlying problem. Peyronie's Disease is a state that can cause an increase in penis curvature, bumps on the shaft of the penis, an 'hourglass' like look to the form of the penis, and/or pain during erection. It occurs in nearly 20% of men and may well be the result of physical trauma or damage to the penis, though researchers are not yet clear on this. If you experience none of these symptoms, contact your doctor as soon as possible. get the best deal, for relevant posts..

Some men wonder why the skin on their penis is a different color than the remainder of their body. Though the colour of the penis will directly relate to a man's race, it is natural for the penis foreskin to be darker in color that the remainder of the body due to higher melanin content. The shaft and glans of the penis are usually much lighter beneath the foreskin. Following circumcision, it will appear as if the penis has two different colors, revealing where the foreskin was removed. With nearly half of all men in North America being circumcised, having a multi-colored penis is quite common. However any change in the colour of the skin can be the primary sign of cancerous leanings. Cancer growths on the penis can appear as red scaly patches, blue-brown spots, or a rash. Be sure to have any amendment to the normal skin color of your penis checked out by a doctor immediately.

No matter what a man's organ looks like, there are a number of options available to men to help them support the state of health of their penis. Studies how that nutrition, masturbation, frequent and careful washing, and penis health cr?mes all play their part in self-care. Wash your penis every day with gentle soap, and avoid using deodorants or chemical products which may irritate the sensitive skin of the penis. Use penis specific formulas for male organ health (most health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) to moisturize your penis following washing. Natural cr?mes containing shea butter, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids will foster the integrity of the skin, protect nerve function, and to enhance the sensitivity of the penis.

And IF YOU DO HAVE A SMALL PENIS, do not be desperate. You can always learn how to get a better lover (and you SHOULD DO THAT even if you're large penis). Or you can try ENLARGING your penis.

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